Tool Member Joins Morrissey At Concert


Down in front! No doubt, fans at a recent Morrissey concert were saying that without knowing who they were yelling at as Tool bandmate Danny Carey was in attendance and having the time of his life during one of the shows of the frontman of The Smiths. Carey can be seen rocking out to one of Morrissey’s timeless classics which was posted on the ever-popular Tool subreddit. Fans of the band are rejoicing over an upcoming triple album.

Speaking of the aforementioned Tool subreddit, fans would discuss this development as one user on the platform going by the name: “ShueTheShoeless” would state: “That’s funny, I saw them in Rochester in 2017 in the smaller, packed arena and got yelled at for standing. I wanted to rock out! I just saw them in Feb at the new arena in Queens and it was criminally undersold, but that gave me plenty of space to rock out. But I remember I kept looking around like …everyone. except me is sitting.”

While OneDayRicherAtATime would proclaim: “That’s funny when I saw them in LA in 2019 my group was all standing rocking out and the pathetic excuse for fans behind us was bitching at us the entire show killing our vibe. Glad to see Danny is one of us!”

In other news revolving around Tool, during a recent interview that took place with Metal Hammer, fellow bandmate Adam Jones discussed what it’s like to put together a tour setlist. Credit to the outlet for the following.

“Well, you always want to do something you haven’t done in a long time. You always want to break the routine and make it more interesting for yourself, and there is a lot of negotiating that goes into it, but it ultimately comes down to Maynard. If I’m sick and have a 100-degree fever, I’m nauseous, I have the flu, I can still play, but for Maynard, he wouldn’t be able to sing. So, we give him the last word to make sure he can do the show if he’s not feeling well. But the set this time is pretty incredible, we’re doing some old school stuff and we’re really happy about it, some old and some new. It should be good.”