Tool Member Reportedly Quits Drinking Alcohol


A recent thread on Reddit has gained some traction in-which a Redditor was able to hang out with celebrities and bands who attended the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show. The thread had a lot of great stories about those who were at the event and it even led to a surprising revelation about Tool star and drummer, Danny Carey.

The thread was packed with a lot of great questions that were answered very quickly by the lucky person who served the stars for the night.

The thread opens with: “Hey y’all. I figured some of you would like to hear stories and get a deep dive into how the LA TH tribute show was behind my perspective….

quick intro:

I tended bar for the artists compound tent that was besides the tunnel way leading into the stage. from 1pm-1am non stop. It was an incredible experience even just working it… met everyone who played.

So that being said ask away with anything!”

The comments then began to ask a multitude of questions ranging through various bands. The first couple of questions asked what Dave Grohl was drinking that night. The poster replied that Dave didn’t really drink too much, but he did have a Jack and Coke.

The poster alluded to saying that they think Dave wasn’t too keen on drinking because he kept a Jager bottle somewhere and was probably drinking from that at another time.

When it came to Tool, there was a question about Danny Carey that popped up. The question was: “Did you serve Danny Carey? He seems a very personable guy?”

The reply was: “He was cool. We talked about Deftones a little bit actually. I don’t think he’s drinking for the time being. He was a chill dude.”

So, it’s safe to say that, at least for now, Danny might be sober.