Tool Member Reveals What ‘Sucks’ In Brutal Tour Video


Tool are currently on tour in North America ahead of the release of their new album on August 30th. While guitarist Adam Jones loves touring, he revealed the part of it that ‘sucks’ in a brutal new video.

“I love touring ❤️ but driving for almost 13 hours still SUXXXX #HelloStLouis.”

Tool’s new songs that they have performed live, “Descending” and “Invincible,” are becoming very popular with fans.

WombatDonkey posted on the Tool Reddit:

“I’m very impressed with both new songs. If I’m this happy with them, I can only imagine how great the rest of the album will be. My tendency is to prefer some of the deeper cuts from Tool albums.

My favorite Tool songs are usually not the singles or fan favorites/concert staples. For example, Hush was the single off Opiate. I like it but IMO it doesn’t hold a candle to Jerk-Off or Opiate. Sober and Prison Sex were the singles from Undertow. My favorite tracks from that album are 4°, Crawl Away, and Flood. On Ænima the concert staples are Stinkfist and Forty Six & 2 (along with a few others that are performed live regularly). I love Third Eye, Jimmy, Pushit, and my all-time favorite song is Eulogy. Lateralus is a little different because I love the title track and the live staples Schism and Parabol/a. But with 10,000 Days, I think Vicarious and Jambi aren’t as good as the title track and Right in Two.

So, in conclusion, the fact that I think the songs they’ve chosen to play live—Descending and Invincible—are so awesome, it makes me very optimistic that the rest of the album is going to be amazing. (In my opinion, both Descending and Invincible are better songs than anything that was on 10,000 Days).”