Slipknot Member Finally Calls Out Famous Rapist Singer


Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor discussed a wide variety of topics in a new Rock Feed interview, including touring with Metallica and the comparisons thereof the band has with Slipknot, claiming the group is on “equal footing” with the big four metal icons. Here, Taylor discusses for the first time how the band toured with Metallicaand Lostprophets in 2004, fronted by disgraced vocalist Ian Watkins. In 2013, Watkins was sentenced to twenty-nine years imprisonment for sexual offenses, including assault of young children. Alternative Nation transcribed Taylor’s comments. Corey Taylor accidentally revealed a new Slipknot member name just yesterday

Rock Feed: Let’s talk about Metallica. You know, when you were younger and I’m presuming you grew up listening to Metallica.

Taylor: Duh.

Rock Feed: So growing up and listening to Metallica you are about to go on tour with them. What was that like for you when you found out that Slipknot was going to tour with Metallica? Which, by the way, I was pissed when I found out that wasn’t coming to the United States [laughs].

Taylor: Well the funny thing is, this isn’t the first time that we have done it. We did it back in 2004. It was Metallica, us and Lostprophets.


Taylor: That dude…

Rock Feed: Yeah, he’s a mess, he’s a piece of shit.

Taylor: There is not enough pain in the world for that dude.

Rock Feed: Totally.

Taylor: However, this isn’t the first time and obviously we are in two totally different places now. We’ve really  come into our own in a way, while I don’t wanna say we are equals I would say we are on an equal playing field [with Metallica].

Rock Feed: You’re definitely up there.

Taylor: To me that’s still crazy to think and it’s amazing that I can share that kind of stage with a band that I grew up idolizing. To me, that’s like, the greatest sense of accomplishment in a lot of ways.

Corey Taylor called out a horrible Slipknot performance just last week.