Tool Member ‘Struggling’ On Tour In Sad Photo


The oddest part of Instagram right now can be found on the page of Maynard James Keenan. The Tool singer has the most odd posts that are on the platform at this point in time. For a while now, the star has been posting about nothing but pickles. From the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case to everything in between, it has been nothing but the sour food being posted up as a running joke.

Now, we have Maynard opening up about an illness that he came down with, but yet still talking about the sodium laden snack. In fact, maybe pickles are the reason why Maynard James Keenan isn’t feeling well. Recently, Maynard took to Instagram to explain that he has been blowing up the toilet lately as food poising has struck his system. By sharing this, he chose to post a meme about it.

In the meme, he mentions pickles are the culprit after correcting himself about the 7/11 lobster being the true reason as to why he’s not feeling well. Maynard stated in the post: “Hydrating and goin to bed, but here was my Day in Dublin. I got food poisoning. Threw up everything I had all the way to the depths of my soul like 4 times over. Followed by fire-hosing shit water out of my ass for about an hour. Then had to play a whole show without shitting myself. But Dublin is worth it, soooo. I figgerred it out.”

While fans still await for some kind of explanation for consistently talking about pickles, it has to be said that everyone hopes that the singer is doing well. He seems to be, at least, as he stated in the wording above – he did play a show in Dublin while holding it in.

Nothing to be worried about here other than the huge influx of pickle memes from Maynard.