Tool New Book Photos Revealed On Tour


Tool have released new merch and fans are losing their minds. Tool fans are not like any other breed of fans. There’s no such thing as a fair-weather Tool fan, no. These fans are die hard. They live and breathe for anything and everything that this band does, sells, and releases.

Recently, Tool has raised prices dramatically on all of their merchandise. Shirts were seen selling for up to $65 and fans still wanted to buy the merchandise that was set in front of them. Now, we have a new book coming out and fans are rejoicing seeing on what they’ll be reading for the next few months.

Unfortunately, the book that Tool are releasing at their shows isn’t really a book after all. It’s really more of a magazine full of posters and pictures from concerts that many fans will still love to see, but could easily download from an Instagram page or Google images.

The books are going for about $30 at tool shows worldwide at this moment and fans couldn’t be more happier to part with their money for the high definition photos inside of the tour guide. All kidding aside, the books do look pretty nice and have some really unique photos between the pages. Surely, these will end up being collectible.

One can’t help but to think though why Tool didn’t just make these books NFTs for fans to buy? Maybe there’s some politics involved there, but it makes much more sense in the present era to jump on the NFT train while many bands and artists are helping to push that entire nonevent forward. It should be noted that the band also have these books available autographed by the band as well in case you needed something to add to your autograph collection. Below, you can see the books being sold.