Maynard James Keenan Caught Using Phone At Tool Concert

Photo credit: Lauryn Schaffner for

Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan may need a time machine so he can kick himself out of his own concert. A rare photo has surfaced on the Tool Reddit of Maynard taking a photo of bandmate Adam Jones onstage with a cell phone. A Tool second new album release was revealed yesterday.

This appears to be around 2006 during the 10,000 Days tour, before the era in recent years and on the new Tool album Fear Inoculum tour where phones, filming, and photography is banned. Maynard’s other band A Perfect Circle had over 60 fans kicked out of a single concert for taking photos.

jtachu posted on Reddit, “What? Maynard has like 6 minutes to kill during the second half of descending he has nothing better to do.”

Tool revealed who ‘screamed’ at Maynard James Keenan earlier this week. HAL-Over-9001 wrote, “First and only time I saw them, employees for the venue paced around like robots and used high intensity strobe flashlights on anyone who had a phone out. Really ruined a few songs for me because they kept doing it to the people directly behind me. It really put a damper on the entire concert honestly. Still, I got a few sweet videos on Snapchat.”

Omax-Pi said, “This is an old ass picture.” IblameHofmann responded, “YES! From the 10,000 days tour if I’m not wrong.” A Slipknot member revealed the bold truth about the new Tool album a few days ago.

Found this on a Tool Facebook group! from r/ToolBand