Tool Planning Two New Music Videos


NSYK posted an exchange from Tool guitarist Adam Jones’ recent VIP Q&A on the band’s Reddit a couple of days ago.

“Adam talked a lot about the process they were going through on the new album. No one asked about the progress, so I can’t tell you what the status of that was.

What I did find very telling, however, was him talking about the progress they’ve made on producing the two music videos. It came out of him talking about using CGI vs stop motion work in Hollywood and his time as a visual effects artist. This made me believe they are very far along in their work on the album.”

He added, “He said two music videos that they were on the hook from the record company for, complained they only get an advance on the video and would likely lose money as it would be all over Youtube and Vimeo and not get traditional revenue, and talked about different options for making money back.”

Tool also recently released a newsletter that hints at future projects, though does not offer an update on their new album.

“As I’m sure some of you are aware, it’s now 2016 era vulgaris (or, if your pseudo-Latin is a bit rusty, 2016 in the common era), and as such, it’s a fair bet that at least a few Tool enthusiasts are wondering what might be in store for the band in the new calendar year. Well, the Criswell in me predicts that 2016 e.v. will be an exciting year (of course, Criswell once predicted that a beam from outer space would turn all the metal in Denver into carbon nanotube rubber!). However, before anyone reads too much into this (again), I have no time tables for anything, and that’s with a sequined tuxedo. As Tool finishes up the current mini-tour in those states where McDonalds first offered sweet tea, what I do have is e-mail traffic that suggests (nay, confirms) that the band is making preparations for things to come besides a new record.”