Eddie Vedder Covers U2 “One” At Ohana Fest

Photo credit: Quinn Tucker

Eddie Vedder and the Earthlings headlined Night 2 of the Ohana Festival in Dana Point, CA last night with the Earthlings. Abe Laboriel of Paul McCartney fame filled in for Chad Smith on drums, with Vedder revealing that Abe pulled double duty rehearsing for McCartney and Vedder in recent weeks. Eddie covered “Hey Jude” near the end of the set, a powerful performance with Abe on drums.

Vedder stopped the set multiple times early on due to incidents in the crowd he referred to as ‘birthday parties,’ jokingly telling Andrew Watt that he was the ‘boss’ when directing his bandmates on where to restart a song. The second half of the set went on without a hitch, with Ed and the Earthlings building momentum with Pearl Jam classics like “Wishlist” and “Not For You.” Two Earthlings highlights live are “Invincible” and “Brother the Cloud.” Even fans not familiar with Vedder’s Earthlings album always seem to get into “Invincible.”

The encore part of the set was the best performance Vedder has given at Ohana Festival, with an emotional tribute performance of “Just Breathe” for a friend he just lost, with fans lighting up Doheny State Beach with their phones. Vedder also covered “One” by U2 with Glen Hansard, with Vedder earlier referencing U2’s Sphere Vegas residency. Eddie also gave his own spin on “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure, truly making the 80’s classic his own.

The Chicks also performed before Vedder, wowing the crowd with their eclectic musicianship and soaring pop hooks. Despite Vedder and The Chicks seemingly being from different genres, they somehow fit like a glove together on Saturday night.

Eddie Vedder setlist via Ten Club boards:

01. I’ll Be Waiting
02. Room At The Top-(Petty) (Ed stops the song for a minute to address issue in audience)
03. The Dark-(another stop for crowd safety)
04. Invincible
05. Long Way w/ Harper Vedder & Clementine (another stop for crowd safety) {while waiting for okay from security they quietly play Here Comes The Sun-(Harrison) for about 45 seconds. Then restart Long Way)
06. Brother The Cloud
07. Fallout Today
08. Wishlist/Waiting On A Friend-(Jagger/Richards) 41 seconds
09. The Haves
10. Not For You
11. Lukin
12. Try
13. Rose Of Jericho
14. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) 1:41
15. Isn’t It A Pity/Hey Jude-(Lennon, McCartney) 1:35 w/ Holly Laessig, Jess Wolf-from the band Lucius

16. Just Breathe (Dedicated to lost friend)
17. One-(U2 cover) duet with Glen Hansard
18. Precious-(Hynde)
19. Just Like Heaven-(Smith, Gallup, Thompson, Williams, Tolhurst) The Cure
20. Rocking In The Free World-(Young)