Axl Rose Has ‘Six Months’ In Guns N’ Roses Bombshell


Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses have recently had tons of unheard ‘Chinese Democracy’ era material leak, and a mysterious ‘flebeis’ account weighed in on Reddit, with many wondering if it’s Axl Rose’s manager Fernando Lebeis. Axl and Slash are releasing the new GNR album within the next 6 months if this news is true, so Axl has six months to live up to this promise!

sofine11 posted on, “First, credit to Murph for the scoop. Fernando confirmed on Reddit that a new GNR release will drop within the next 6 months, in what will be Axl and Slash’s first original collaboration in 28 years! 💥”

RussTCB, the admin of the forum, responded, “Reopening this thread that @sofine11made yesterday. We were in contact with Fernando directly today. He was asked 3 times throughout the conversation if the reddit account was his, but he chose not to answer that question during the course of the conversation. So… due his dodging of a direct question (THREE times!) we’ll just assume the account is his.”

A bold AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses stadium show remark was made yesterday. The flebeis account posted in a thread about the leaks when suggested that “Perhaps” would make a good lead single if it’s reworked by the current lineup, “Don’t know the title, even if I did I couldn’t share it until the guys did. Within the next 6 months.”

When confronted on if it was really him, the account posted, “Believe whatever you want, I think it’s quite contradictory that you or others can take a random person’s perspective on a point relating to GNR as valid and factual and when there is a person with my name trying to shine a light on some topics you find to be false.”

A fan wrote to the flebeis account, “When an account claiming to be Fernando makes claims that Fernando normally tries his best to avoid making and offers no concrete proof, I find it hard to believe that the account in question is actually Fernando.”

flebeis responded, “By making claims to points I usually avoid has led to what? More hate, illegal distribution of goods, and further distance between GNR and some of the more difficult fans; I figured, maybe there is more information I can give on points I don’t see being so secretive and make light jokes on some of the very angry posters might help bridge the distance. Hell, if it doesn’t no real time lost on my end.” Axl Rose taking a nap at a Guns N’ Roses show was recently revealed.