Tool Release 10-Minute Studio Video: ‘Super Hero’


Tool guitarist Adam Jones recorded a 10-minute live video from the studio earlier this week, showing off the gear he is using to record Tool’s new album. He zoomed in on the mixer at one point and ‘Super Hero’ and a star symbol were written down. It’s unclear if those are references to guitar effects or working song titles. Jones also showed a laptop showing someone wearing a bikini, and he poked what appeared to be an anime woman mousepad. You can watch the video below via the Tool Reddit.

Maynard James Keenan appeared to focus on his winemaking this summer rather than the new Tool album, as he waits for Adam Jones to finish his guitar recording so he can get to work.

We reported in August that over the last month since he ended a tour leg with A Perfect Circle, Maynard James Keenan has been completely focused on his winemaking in Arizona according to several Instagram posts. Adam Jones has been recording guitar parts for Tool’s new album in Los Angeles, and there has been no sign of Keenan in the studio.

Keenan wrote a few days ago on Instagram, “Quiet Sunday in the office. #calmbeforethestorms #arizonavintage2018.”

He wrote on July 25th, “First fruit of the vintage. Eliphante Chardonnay (Dos Ladrones), Luglienga(Agostina White) #arizonavintage2018 @caduceuscellars @merkinosteria @arizonavigneronsalliance.”

He wrote on July 15th, “Using a falconer this year to deter birds & critters from devastating the crops. So far so good. @skywolf.falcons @caduceuscellars @merkinosteria #arizonavintage2018 @arizonavigneronsalliance photo by @frankie2bits.”

He wrote on July 14th, “Fight Night Wine Research. @callaghanvineyards @herbscider @sandreckonervineyard @caduceuscellars @merkinosteria #peccheninowine @pecchenino_winery Sorry, @doscabezas I drank all yours. #sendmorewine #pusciferqueenborangewine @alphacatzingano #niceshirtedsoares @edblackhouse @angelsenvy.”

He wrote on July 10th, “Mid harvest 2017, we had just de-stemmed several bins of Buhl Memorial (Willcox, AZ) Malvasia Bianca and positioned them in a semi-sunny location that would best serve a wild ferment. All of these bins were destined for the Merkin Vineyards Shinola Orancia, a skin fermented white, aka ‘Orange Wine.’ Of the 6 bins sitting there, only one was chosen by thousands of extremely happy honeybees. The swarm was impressive. So much so that I decided to designate a wine in their honor. Available now, only in the Caduceus Cellars tasting room in Jerome and Merkin Vineyards Osteria & Tasting Room in Cottonwood. #drinkNOW #donotcellar #azwine #puscifer #queenbee #jeromeaz @caduceuscellars @merkinosteria #skincontactwine #cannedwine.”

Adam Jones IG studio tour from r/ToolBand