Tool Reveal Another Surprise New Album Release


Tool have announced the release of ‘Fear Inoculum – Expanded Book Edition’ on December 13, 2019.

Amazon wrote in a description, “Fear Inoculum is the long awaited new album from TOOL, and the band’s first new album in 13 years. The ‘Expanded Book Edition includes five 3D lenticular cards featuring exclusive graphics, 56 page booklet with additional art and an access card to download the groundbreaking immersive visual experience, ‘Recusant Ad Infinitum.'”

‘Fear Inoculum’ has been one of the biggest rock albums of 2019, debuting at number 1 with huge sales numbers, and the tour has also been a huge success, leading to fans on Reddit wondering how long it will last after a Maynard James Keenan statement.

CujaraCinmoi posted, “I’m from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Have loved Tool since my teens, and have been lucky enough to see them 5 times in and around Calgary. Twice when they most recently came through a couple of years ago. Canadian dates for their current North American tour, however, consisted of two nights in Toronto. A city that is further away, and far more expensive to fly too, than many cities in the States.

I think they have dates in Australia after that, and then I assume they’ll head to Europe. Leaving me to wonder: are they going to actually tour Canada? I know that MJK has plans for Puscifer in 2021, but I guess it’s possible that Tool comes through closer to the end of 2020?

My reason for asking is that I’m seriously contemplating a trip to Vegas in January. I can’t miss seeing some of the new songs live. Flight, accommodation, and the concert would be about $600 CAD and my wife is supportive of the idea. But what if I do that and they end up coming to Calgary? Of course, I’d go to that as well, and take a bit of side eye from the wife. But I wouldn’t be able to justify a vip ticket, something I decided I’d splurge on if they came to Calgary again. Would just love to meet the guys, Adam in particular, and shake their hands.

Anyways, any thoughts or info that might help with my decision would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and take care fellow fans.”

Tool earned a massive amount of money on tour in October. Tomaszpie92 responded, “In the past they’ve tended to do the “smaller” Canadian markets during 2nd or 3rd NA legs. As a Toronto resident I remember because Hamilton, London, Ottawa etc would get the occasional show that would tempt me. I’m holding out hope for something like that as I’d like to see them again but something tells me it’s not gonna happen. I know this isn’t helpful but if your wife is on board I’d do Vegas just in case and then get real cheap tickets in Calgary if they do come around.”