Maynard James Keenan Massive Tool Paycheck Revealed

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Maynard James Keenan and Tool earned a stunning amount of money on tour last month, grossing $5.5 million and ranking number 10 on Billboard’s top touring groups of October 2019 on their highly acclaimed ‘Fear Inoculum’ North American tour. A Tool concert was ‘ruined’ for a fan by a drug meltdown that led to a security ejection.

Jonas Brothers were number 1 with $23.9 million, followed by BTS with $16.5 million, Guns N’ Roses with $13.2 million, Iron Maiden with $11.4 million, The Black Keys with $7.8 million, Journey with $7 million, The Eagles with $6.2 million, Bob Seger with $5.7 million, and Little Mix with $5.6 million. Note that Tool’s tour started in the middle of the month, so they should be near the top of the list for November 2019, as they toured for most of this month before Thanksgiving.

Dice5199 posted on Reddit, “I question the accuracy of this. They played 10 shows in October, not including the Aftershock Fest. That would suggest that their average box office was $550k a show. All of those shows were in full size arenas. Let’s assume they sold an average of 14,000 tickets per show (very conservative). That would mean that the average ticket price was $39.29…nope.

I found statistics for the most recent week, in which 2 of the 4 shows were in smaller arenas (Mohegan Sun, Boardwalk Hall), and their average box office per city was $1,355,902.”

Maynard James Keenan’s ‘goodbye’ at the last Tool show was revealed. Geoffvo responded, “I actually read something in the ticketmaster app for the shows in Toronto that the capacity for the Scotiabank Arena was a shade under 14,000. I’d imagine it’s similar in most places.”

GabesCaves said, “Ironic because most fans call Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall a small venue. Wikipedia lists its concert capacity at 14,770 and very few seats were lost to the backstage area due to its horseshoe design. So the small AC venue had a larger single night crowd than one of the largest arenas in North America.”

Dice5199 wrote, “I stand corrected on that. Boardwalk Hall catches up in capacity for a concert the way you describe. But Mohegan Sun has smaller capacity. Jonas Brothers sold less than 7,000 tickets when they played there.” A rumored Tool movie was detailed earlier this week.