Van Halen Member ‘Moving Forward’ With Huge 2019 Plans: ‘I’m Excited’


Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen tweeted the following last night about 2019.

“If you you start playing Runnin With The Devil at 11:58:16, Dave will scream ‘GOD DAMMIT BABY YOU KNOW I AIN’T LYIN TO YA, I’M ONLY GONNA TELL YOU ONE TIIIIIIME AAAAHHHHHHHYUEAHHH!!!!’ at midnight. Start your new year off right.”

“I’ve been pretty quiet this year. I spent 2018 staying focused, working hard, and moving forward on something I’ve never been this excited about. I can’t wait to share it with y’all. Seeya in 2019 ✌️ #2018bestnine #HappyNewYear.”

In mid-December, Wolfgang trolled fans with a retirement announcement.

“Lol yup, I’m hanging it up. It’s been a long career, I think I’m done. Totally done. Great take, dude. TOTALLY just dead on! WOW! I don’t even THINK about music anymore. It’s just insane how correct you are. So correct. Like wow. So done. No more music for me. All done. Bye bye.”

“In case some people didn’t understand my last few tweets (which judging the bulk of the replies, many didn’t…) I’m not actually retired. It was sarcasm. SARCASM. Because it’s a ridiculous idea. What kind of asshole would I have to be if I retired at 27 years old? Ok goodnight.”