Tool Reveal Why Bassist Really Quit, Surprising Name Almost Replaced Him


Tool members Adam Jones, Justin Chancellor, and Danny Carey recently held their first Music Clinic event in St. Paul. Peanut Arbuckle/cooltoolguy posted highlights on the Tool Reddit, including Tool’s members explaining why original bassist Paul D’Amour quit the band and who almost replaced him.

Q: How do the songs change when Maynard comes and writes his vocals?

A: They don’t change at all, Maynard comes in and writes vocals that fit incredibly well without changing anything or asking for any adjustments to the instruments. In the past, Maynard was involved in writing the instruments, but they have learned that it’s best to have each band member have their own clearly defined role.

Q: What is the song writing process like?

A: Adam and Justin make riffs, then they give these riffs to Danny. Danny then proceeds to completely fuck up the sound they were going for, but it often ends up working out very well.

Q: Story behind Paul leaving and Justin joining?

A: Paul didn’t like how the band was going. No more detail was provided. Adam told a funny story about Justin joining.

Adam really wanted Justin in the band, and the other option was Marco Fox of Zaum. Maynard and Danny wanted Marco, so the three members sat down for a dinner to discuss who they’d pick. Adam was prepared to fight tooth and nail for Justin. However, he discovered that Maynard and Danny both wanted Justin and they thought Adam wanted Marco.