Pearl Jam Reveal Huge 2019 Plan: ‘It’s Going To Be Really Good’


Appearing on Kyle Meredith With…, Consequence of Sound report that Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament said the band needs “a good solid six to eight weeks carved out where we’re just recording all these ideas that we have.” That likely won’t happen until the fall, as the band will be busy touring over the next several months.

“The one thing we have working against us is the upcoming tour, the other thing we have working against us is it takes three or four months to do a vinyl version of any record,” Ament explained. As such, Ament said “2019 is probably safe to say” when it comes to a release date for the album.

Whenever the album does finally surface, Ament predicts something that’s “going to be really good,” as “there’s a lot to be inspired by and a lot to be pissed off about.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ament discounted the possibility of anniversary box sets for No Code and Yield similar to the ones they did for their first three albums. He noted that Pearl Jam already reissued No Code and Yield on vinyl, “mainly because we saw what people were paying for them on eBay. We opted to remaster those records and put them out in that form.”

Ament was also asked whether Pearl Jam is planning a 30th anniversary event a la the multi-day festival they put together in celebration of their 20th anniversary in 2011. “I probably won’t be the one leading the charge for that, because I wasn’t really that into doing the 20th anniversary,” Ament remarked. “I always feel like there’s danger in looking back. I always want to make new music and play new shows and go to new places. That said, I’m sure somebody will three three Xs on a t-shirt.”