Tool Secret Website Could Have New Album


Tool have relaunched their website on a new server after some downtime, and there is now a secret ‘Exclusive Products’ section. The page has a 404 error when you click on it, but many fans are expecting the section to have the band’s new album available for order with exclusive packages when it is announced for release soon.

WillyWu1 posted on the Tool Reddit:

I could just be tripping but I thought I’d ask to be sure. Is the “Exclusive Products” link under the “Official Store” link on the site a new link? I swear I don’t remember it being there before the maintenance.

savyanin posted:

i think they are preparing for the announcement. after they drop a single or reveal an album name/tracklist/release date they probably open a pre-order to new album and something special for tool army members. maynard mention about “special package”. maybe this is it. also that maintenance work with moving servers and etc. they expect so many people on their site after announcement and they don’t want to see how site goes down.

but at the same time that page looks like we’re not supposed to see this and it’s probably an error.

anyway i hope for the best. question from r/ToolBand