Tool Singer Makes Bold AC/DC Comments: ‘The Same F**king Albums’


Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan discussed AC/DC in a new Vice article. The article was about food, wine, and music.

“In a way, you have to trust your instincts in the [wine] cellar, just like you have to trust your instincts in the studio. But you still have to retrace your steps to have some success and sustainability with that process… I love AC/DC, but those albums are pretty much the same fucking albums. And that’s fine for them. I will listen to that band. I’m not interested in being that band.”

He later discussed The Jesus Lizard, “The gaminess of this dish went perfectly with the wine’s structure, and the cherry skins…. I don’t agree that this song goes with this wine, [but] I’m just super fucking happy that it’s playing right now. Love, love, love the Jesus Lizard…. Then again, there’s a kiss of Brett in here; that’s the [Jesus Lizard vocalist] David Yow. There’s the danger. Too much, all of a sudden you go way the fuck off the rails. But a kiss of Brett in the right balance, you can kiss the danger and not leave a mark.”