Tool Singer Refuses To Tour In August For Bizarre Reason


Tool and A Perfect Circle singer Maynard James Keenan revealed in a new Vice Munchies interview that he won’t tour from August 1st to October 15th because of his winemaking.

“I feel like we’re still ten years out of gaining people’s trust in what we’re doing here,” Keenan says of his wine. “Everyone is still convinced that I’m selling this off of Tool. They’re convinced somebody else is in the cellar doing it. I challenge you to find a tour date between August first and October 15th. Good luck.”

Tool members Adam Jones, Danny Carey, and Justin Chancellor discussed the new Tool album in a May 2018 live Q&A, and new quotes from it have now surfaced. Alternative Nation transcribed some of their quotes.

Danny Carey said, “Actually, when we did go in the studio recording this record I actually suggested to [producer Joe] Baressi that we maybe try out doing the 442 thing and he was horrified cause everything in the studio’s all calibrated to 440 and it would have been, I think it would have taken, it would have been a big commitment, be kind of a nightmare to do it.”

Justin Chancellor said regarding influences on the new album, “Well I think we talked about what some of our music we listen to is, but for me personally, when we’re recording an album and when we’re writing leading up to recording it, I’m just listening to that music, just listening over and over again to the tracks.”

Adam Jones also said about recording, “So what we do is, we record to tape and we bounce that warm analog sound to digital and mix it up.”

Tool will release their new album next year. They will play North American shows in the spring and tour Europe in the summer.

  • Arthur Feldkamp

    These kind of clickbait articles with no substance get really old. Most fans of his work are aware that Maynard runs his own vineyard, so this is not bizarre nor surprising at all. The one sentence quote about 442hz tuning is probably the most significant and interesting bit to be found here, even though the article glossed over this information about the music and what it means in favor of obvious trivia facts about the lead singer’s life instead.

  • TenDeuChen

    “For Bizarre Reason” ??? wtf? His reason is: I have other business obligations during that time period. And there’s also probably a little bit of “I like spending that time at home with my family” as well.

  • Mark Merrill

    “Bizarre reason” like the wine humans have been making for thousands of years or the agriculture they’ve engaged in for even longer… Dumb-ass web junk.

  • Has anyone ever tried his Caduceus wine before? Is it good? I was contemplating getting it.

    (NOTE: I dont like dry wines)

  • Challenge accepted: Epicenter 2009, I was there!

    • billy arrington

      Maybe that was the early years of the vineyard. David johnson 1, Maynard 0

  • Bob Khan

    Clickbaity title. Maynard has stated numerous times that wine making is his number one passion. This is neither bizarre nor is it unexpected.

    That is pretty low to go after someone for just doing what they love doing.

  • billy arrington

    Could’ve just wrote the title as “Maynard won’t tour August- September because he’s working on the vineyard.”
    Then there’s no clickbait. And you’ve told the story as it actually is.
    What is the purpose of all the clickbait and mostly phony articles? Im convinced it’s because its the only way you can get comments from us irritated assholes lol