Van Halen Singer Performs Audioslave With Tom Morello


Music lovers in São Paulo, Brazil, were treated to an electrifying performance at the Best of Blues and Rock festival. Extreme’s very own Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt, renowned for their exceptional musical talents, joined forces with Tom Morello, the iconic guitarist of Rage Against the Machine and AudioSlave. The culmination of this collaboration resulted in an unforgettable rendition of the Audioslave hit “Cochise,” leaving the audience in awe and reaffirming the power of musical camaraderie.

The thrilling moment unfolded at Ibirapuera Park, where Extreme had already captivated the crowd with their set. Cherone and Bettencourt graced the stage alongside Morello, forming a formidable trio that sent waves of excitement through the air. The convergence of their diverse musical backgrounds and creative energies was palpable, reminding us why these artists have left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Before the show, Tom Morello expressed his admiration for Nuno Bettencourt, highlighting the profound respect they share as musicians. Such kind words from one virtuoso to another demonstrate the deep appreciation and understanding that exists within the music community. The fusion of their talents was a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, pushing boundaries and delivering an experience that transcended expectations.

The collective performance of “Cochise” by Cherone, Bettencourt, and Morello was nothing short of breathtaking. Each artist brought their unique flair to the stage, blending their signature styles into a seamless whole. Cherone’s soulful vocals, Bettencourt’s masterful guitar work, and Morello’s raw energy coalesced, evoking a powerful response from the audience. This collaboration served as a reminder that music has the extraordinary ability to ignite passion and forge connections between artists and fans alike.

Betancourt said about working with Morello: “He’s been a huge influence. Combining funky music with heavy music and then musicianship with abandon are things that have been involved in this band and I think in Nuno’s playing from the very start.”

Of course, for Nuno, Rage Against The Machine is evergreen, but oddly enough, they were not always a favorite band.

He closed: “It’s funny because I heard Rage Against the Machine, we heard Rage Against the Machine, for the first time, we loved it so much that we hated them. We have this saying that Jimmy Page — so I thought — and I said this to Jimmy Page, I thought Jimmy Page wrote all the great rock and roll riffs and threw the rest of us the scraps, the bones. And that was until I heard Rage Against the Machine. Every riff was monstrous; it was everything. And the fact that they had a rapper took it to a whole other level of genre and changed the game.”