Tool Tease Hilarious Meeting With President Donald Trump


Tool have posted a new album update on Facebook, and it features bassist Justin Chancellor meeting with fake versions of President Donald Trump and the supreme leader of North Korea, better known as Little Rocket Man, Kim Jong-un.

The band wrote, “GOOD THINKING JUSTIN! Not wanting to take any chances of the new TOOL recording sessions being disrupted by any nuclear chicanery (or with your own important activities interfered with), JUSTIN recently took it upon himself to get things worked out between the parties involved.”

A fan named Chris Burke commented a photo of Maynard James Keenan as the President with the caption: “The new Tool album will be a huge album, a tremendous album, the best album. We’re going to make Tool albums great again.”

Tool recently posted a photo of Danny Carey’s studio set up.

They wrote on Twitter, “If there are any drummers out there who are interested in seeing DANNY CAREY’s set up for the new TOOL recording sessions, I’ve posted a photo on his website:”

You can view the setup below.