Nirvana & Green Day Fans Will Love Halfwait’s Incredible “Stand Alone” Video


One of the greatest sights in rock music is the classic power-trio. Three musicians laying a path of sonic destruction- the simplest approach to rocking faces off with a take no prisoners state of mind. Three points of authority working in minimalistic unison to create a sound ten times their size- and ten times more powerful. Hailing from Sydney, Australia comes Halfwait. Strong on melody and high on energy, this modern-day power-trio evoke a classic 90’s attitude with a modern day feel on their mission to bring their fresh brand of rock to the masses.

Hafwait excel at combining powerful riffs with sing-along chorus’ that etch their way deep into your subconscious, leaving you singing and humming along to their timeless sounding music long after listening. The three-piece rockers have named this coming June 8th, 2018 as the launch date for their debut album. Since their formation back in 2010, the bad have previously released two EP’s while garnering a decent amount of radio play and national exposure.

In anticipation of their debut, The Official Album, Halfwait present the “Stand Alone” video exclusively for Alternative Nation. About 2:22 into the video, there is a great Nirvana homage. With a fresh take on the quiet verse- loud chorus dynamic, Halfwait play as a great extension of 90’s punk-pop sensibilities. Mixed with hard-hitting drums, pulsating bass and crunching guitars, they’re reminiscent of classic power-trio’s like Green Day and Blink 182. The interplay during the verses will make your hair stand with its undeniable charm but the song truly reaches its full potential during the chorus. What separates the power-trio men from the boys is the musicianship. And make no mistake; the musicianship is through the roof here.

Lush, excellently phrased vocals lay wonderfully over a robust mix that accentuates each individual member’s strengths. What stands most exciting about Halfwait is their undeniable ability to craft a fantastic song. “Stand Alone” is fantastic in every sense. Catchy, powerful and moving. The track, like much of the work from their previous EP’s is all killer, no filler. There comes a time you may be in dyer need of a band that plays it straight. A band with potential on infinity. If this sounds like you, Halfwait is a total must!

Make sure to check out “Stand Alone”! If this track is any indication, The Official Album will be a total juggernaut. If you can’t wait til June 8th for more Halfwait, don’t stress. Make sure to check out their previous EP’s to get a deeper understanding- and appreciation- for Halfwait! A true power-trio for the modern age!