Tool Fan Details ‘Chaotic’ VIP Concert Experience


Tool are having a Spring 2024 UK/European tour which was added to their extensive itinerary for 2024. The band made its highly anticipated return to Europe in the spring and the European trek kicked off May 25th in Hanover, Germany, and runs through June 27th in Oslo, Norway, for an appearance at the Tons of Rock festival. Their stop included in Berlin, Germany on June 8. However, one fan didn’t have a great VIP experience.

Fan talks about Tool VIP Experience

According to the fan, the VIP experience didn’t go as promised. The fan enjoyed the soundcheck, which he labeled “a cool experience.” However, he says there was nothing VIP about the VIP bundle.

The fans had to stand in the sun for over an hour after checking in. While the organizers certainly can’t control the weather, but some water or being able to sit in the shade would’ve been great, according to the fan.

It has come to light that a security guard allowed some people to sit in the shade, but then another told them not to. It was chaotic experience altogether. Water was in a booth outside the venue where you had to stand in line for 20 minutes and it was 5 bucks for one cup of water.

The fan further narrated that his bundle was supposed to include a VIP backstage area with food and drinks which would be included. However, none of that happened. Fans also didn’t get to see the band’s instruments up close while people were allowed to do so in other venues.

They weren’t also able to use any restrooms or buy water after checking into the venue till the soundcheck was done. It was certainly a messed up situation considering a lot of the fans had to stand in direct sunlight for over an hour. Well, the fan had saved up for this experience but it didn’t go as planned. However, he did enjoy the concert. He was close to the stage but couldn’t help but feel a bit robbed.