Pearl Jam ‘Ten’ New Version With Dave Abbruzzese


Former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese recently posted a fan-made video clip of Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” but with a twist. As Abbruzzese noted, ‘someone did some creative editing,’ the video clip has a mix of Dave Abbruzzese playing the drums. Abbruzzese’s drum rendition is quite energetic and more chaotic, compared to the performance by Dave Krusen on the official version.

Pearl Jam and Dave Abruzzese

Dave Abbruzzese’s run with Pearl Jam certainly left a major impact on the band’s early days and success. Joining the band in 1991, Abbruzzese was recruited to replace drummer Matt Chamberlain. At that time, the band was just starting to gain traction with their debut album “Ten” which would become a monumental force in the grunge movement.

Dave’s drumming style was distinctive and added a unique flavor to Pearl Jam’s music. His energetic and precise drumming was a perfect complement to the band’s raw and powerful sound. His contribution to Pearl Jam’s success during his tenure from 1991 to 1994 can’t be overstated. He played on two of the band’s most acclaimed albums “Vs.” and “Vitalogy,” helping to define the band’s early sound and push them to new heights in popularity.

Pearl Jam released their debut Palbum “Ten” in 1991 and the album’s raw emotion and powerful lyrics struck a chord with a generation, propelling the band into the limelight.Hits like “Alive,” “Evenn Flow,” and “Jeremy” became anthems of the 90s, solidifying Pearl Jam’s place in rock history.

“Ten” was a masterpiece of its time, blending elements of hard rock, punk and grunge. The album’s production, characterized by its clean yet intense sound, set it apart from other grunge albums of the era. Eddie Vedder’s voice, combined with the band’s musical prowess, created a sound that was both fresh and timeless.

Dave’s influence on Pearl Jam during his brief tenure is undeniable. His drumming helped shape the band’s sound during a critical period of their career, contributing to some of their most iconic songs. Although he parted ways with Pearl Jam, the music they created together continues to resonate with fans around the world.