Tool’s ‘Creative Juices Flowing’ On New Album


Blair has posted some Tool updates this month on

“Any Beltane bonfires in your neck of the woods? No… Just El Pollo Loco doing their thing. Well, on this first day of May, I’m able to report that the fellows had a productive few days at the Loft after a couple of them returned from the Stumpfest and Coachella festivities (I’ll let you decide which went where?). And… seeing how there’s nothing better to get one’s creative juices flowing than pagan punch with woodruff and a dance around the be-ribboned Maypole, I’m expecting another good writing/arranging session this week.”

Tool have also released $15 ‘wrench’ lighters.

Blair also posted a happy 55th birthday message to Danny Carey on Tuesday.

“Birthday cheers today for DANNY. If you were a few years younger bro, I would suggest starting off the celebration with a shot of vodka filtered through 4 billion-year-old meteorites poured into a heaping breakfast bowl of Quisp. But now, maybe just go with almond milk.”