Billy Corgan Criticizes Bernie Sanders, Rips Donald Trump Protesters


Smashing Pumpkins frontman, and self-professed Libertarian, Billy Corgan criticized Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his socialist policies in a new interview with InfoWars.

“To learn that what the collectivist vision in Animal Farm and 1984 was actually our future and not this preventative thing blows my mind. I can’t believe we’re even having this discussion, if you can understand why I say that to you humbly, to be talking in America in 2016 about Mao is a good idea, and a socialist is running for President and that’s okay, and we’re going to go back to these kind of crazy tax rates, where we’re going to completely dis-empower the innovators in our country. Because the new technocratic class wants to keep their position, and they want to keep anybody else from coming in the game.”

Corgan later discussed the appeal of Bernie Sanders in a sarcastic tone, “Of course, free stuff, great. Give me more free stuff. Sounds good to me, I’ll take more free stuff.” Corgan then jokingly said he was for Bernie.

Corgan also was critical of footage he has seen online of people protesting Donald Trump rallies. “When I watch some of the clips that you guys have been been putting up at some of these protests, I have no respect for what these people are doing. They’re shutting down free speech.” He added, “It’s antithetical to the society I believe in.” Corgan added that he tries to listen to the point of protesters

You try to tell someone here who you might argue is taking advantage of our social welfare system, or gaming the system somehow, and say, you’re telling me America sucks and you’re spitting on the flag, try go living in one of these third world countries and see how far that gets you. It’s always very interesting to me, this is a very prickly point to make, it’s very interesting to me when you see the ways gays and lesbians are treated in some other countries in the world. If they have that level of vitriol for let’s say Donald Trump as a candidate, because they feel it’s antithetical to what they believe in, where is the five times great condemdnation for those societies that are treating their people far worse than just ideas and words?”