Paul McCartney Horrible Pink Floyd ‘Confrontation’ Revealed


Iconic co-founder of the Beatles, Paul McCartney was the recent subject of conversation during the most recent episode of the Pink Floyd podcast entitled, ‘The Lost Art of Conversation: A Pink Floyd Podcast.’ Here, one certain Pink Floyd art worker who worked besides Storm Thorgerson discusses how Sir Paul was not too fond of his partner, who, according to fellow Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour some felt was ‘Tyrant-like’. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

Uncredited Pink Floyd Art Worker: Storm and I had a very volatile relationship and Storm could be volatile as well as volatile with clients. I mean, Storm stood his ground over imagery and pictures that he believed in and I can remember many a fight with people like Peter Gabriel and with David [Gilmour], Roger [Waters] and some people did not like to work in particular. [For example] Paul McCartney was never too keen on Storm, he liked me but he didn’t like Storm because he could be confrontational but the joy of that was he believed in the process. Storm believed in the end result and to him, the idea was everything. This Paul McCartney disturbing teen drug claim was revealed.

On the Beatles subreddit recently one Paul McCartney and superfan of the Beatles posted their fan-theory regarding the group’s ever-popular hit ‘Taxman’, originally released in 1966 off of ‘Revolver’.

Paul McCartney’s wife reveals sad ‘overweight’ photo. Spaulding174 said: “After ‘x years’ listening to Taxman, I just realized that it sounds like an extremely facetious/sarcastic superhero theme. Especially the harmonized “Taxmaannn!” in the chorus. Maybe this is really obvious or factual and I’m late to the idea, or I’m just thinking shit, let me know what y’all think!”

To which one Reddit user responded: “The Batman show came out in January ’66, Taxman recorded in April ’66. I’d say there was a loose inspiration there.”