Travis Barker Son Is Dating Big Name Celebrity


Charli D’Amelio took over the app, TikTok early on in its adoption. The teen went from making dancing videos to becoming a legitimate star both inside and outside of the app. On the other hand, Travis Barker’s son – Landon Barker has been comparably in the shadows a bit more than Charli D’Amelio and especially more-so than his father, Travis Barker who is also dating a star – Kourtney Kardashian, albeit with Landon having shows of his own promoting his music.

The two started others speculating on them dating earlier this month when Charli was seen leaving his show with Landon. This obviously started the talk rather quickly. The pair dating was confirmed when a source close to the two said that they were dating and it was ‘in its early stages’ when referring to the relationship.

The Barkers have been huge in the media lately as everyone is talking about them. Enter Sophie Monk. She could be seen in the 2004 music video, ‘Always’ by Blink-182 kissing Travis Barker very passionately. Sophie recently revealed what it was like to experience Travis Barker.

She said: “(He’s) Not arrogant. Quiet. He keeps to himself and his own circle of friends. He’s just lovely.”

Now, this would make it seem that Sophie Monk was interested in the drummer, but as she went on – it was obvious that she had no feelings for him at all. In fact, she stated that she would take advantage of his kindness. Yikes.

Sophie said: “I gotta say, when I watch it (The Kardashians), and (Kourtney Kardashian) What do you want to drink?” and he says ‘I’ll have whatever you’re having baby.’ And I think ‘No!’ I need someone with their own mind.”

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