Tom DeLonge Hospitalization Stuns Blink-182 Fans


The former Blink- 182 member Tom DeLonge recently took to his Instagram account and dropped a selfie. In the caption, he provided an update after a surgery that lasted for three hours. Here is what he wrote:

“I was productive today. Had a 3hr surgery on Monday but I’m pulling through great. Just had a nerve that needed some love deep in my fu**ing face. All good now, kind of… ha. Maybe a little sore.”

Check out the Instagram post below:

DeLonge left Blink-182 in 2015, and it wasn’t on the best terms. But Travis Barker told Rolling Stone in June 2021 that things are OK between him and DeLonge and Hoppus now. “I talk to Tom all the time,” he said. “We send funny texts and stuff. The times of bad blood and the misunderstandings between us are so over with. It’s all love. We all three talk, and we’re all friends.” 

Blink-182 is seemingly eyeing to add a new member

Rumors recently started floating about Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker roping in a new member of the band. One of the fans on Reddit noted that the tech personnel knows that the artists Travis produces. According to them Mark Hoppus and Travis have been recording new Blink material in Travis’s studio with a new unnamed guitarist/singer. As it turns out Matt Skiba has reportedly not been involved at this point. 

It has now been speculated that Skiba could be replaced and fans noted that a suitable replacement could be none other than Tom DeLonge. Images previously emerged with Hoppus’ guitar and bass being spotted in Barker’s studio. It is not clear whether the new recruit could be for a non-blink project. It was also speculated that Mark Hoppus might have leaked a new Blink-182 singer.