Travis Scott Angers Pearl Jam Fans In Photo


A word to describe Travis Scott’s legacy is ‘unfortunate’. Initially, Travis Scott was able to break into the music scene via his writing and production work. After getting a chance to step out into the spotlight, he blew up rather quickly. After running up and down the charts, Travis Scott would release ‘Astroworld’. This would be heralded as his magnum opus. Due to the success of the album, a festival would be made in its namesake. The rest, of course, is sad history.

After many months removed from the Astroworld festival tragedy, Travis Scott has taken the stage again, this time, in a Pearl Jam shirt which seemingly is just to pay homage to the 1990’s alternative band that he enjoys. What some fans have pointed out is that it may be more sinister.

There are a lot of eerie connections between Pearl Jam and Travis Scott. The shirt Scott is wearing says ‘Alive’ on it. As most alternative fans know, the song, ‘Alive’ is one of Pearl Jam’s largest hits, but with the weight of the Astroworld tragedy still being heavy on the minds of many – the shirt did feel a bit out of place and tone-deaf to some. With that said, there are also coincidences between the Astroworld tragedy and the tragedy that took place at a Pearl Jam show in 2000 which left eight fans deceased.

Travis Scott performed at E11EVEN Miami on July 3rd in Miami, Florida. The crowd greeted him with a decent reception to which was also a surprise to many who were in attendance. Some fans still voiced their opinions, but many are wondering what made Travis choose now to make a comeback?

Taking a look at Travis Scott’s official Twitter, it looks like he is in the studio again and is working on a new album, which surely should have something to say about what he and his fans have been through over the last year. Maybe the shirt is a nod to Travis pulling some alternative influences into his new music. Many artists have been doing that very well lately with a favorite of ours below and here.