John Lennon Reveals What Man Did With ‘Mouth’ For Him


The official Twitter account for late The Beatles icon John Lennon tweeted out the following quote. The quote is in regard to a bus trip Lennon had to Edinburgh, Scotland to play the ‘mouth organ.’ No. Not THAT, mouth organ, get your mind out of the gutter! Here, Lennon is talking in reference to the harmonica. John Lennon’s widow was spotted with Ringo Starr.

The bus driver loved Lennon’s ‘mouth organ’ playing skills so much that he told him that he would meet him the next morning that he would give him a good one! You can view the tweet that the Lennon account sent out below. This disgusting restaurant photo featuring John Lennon and his widow was just uncovered.

John Lennon
‘I was traveling to Edinburgh on me own to see me auntie and I played the mouth organ all the way up on the bus. The driver liked it and told me to meet him at a place in Edinburgh the next morning and he’d give me a good mouth organ.’

Fans answered what their favorite Beatles/Lennon track featuring the harmonica was when asked the question recently on the official John Lennon Facebook page.

John Lennon’s widow was spotted with Ringo Starr. Greg put: “I love ‘I Should Have Known Better’…. the quintessential Beatlemania-period song, with harmonica, jangling guitar break and John’s fantastic vocals, singing of a fragile love. A hidden gem.”

Brian wrote: “The way he plays I Should Have Known Better has always escaped me. I can do Love Me Do, There’s A Place and I’m a Loser, but that one has a bit of a trill to it that is technically harder.