Brad Pitt Looks Miserable In Steven Tyler Daughter Photo


Steven Tyler‘s daughter, the incomparable Liv Tyler recently took to social media via Instagram to post this photo of her and A-List actor Brad Pitt. The photo is from a promotional shoot for Pitt’s latest movie Ad Astra in which both he and Tyler both star. You can view the photo below.  Steven Tyler ‘won’t leave alone’ this flight attendant in a newly uncovered photo.

Fellow A-lister Anna Friel responded on Instagram to the picture by responding with the following: ” I love this. The simplicity and the NOW. That simple. You radiate love elegant, care and truth and naturalism. It can be hard to find I believe this. Gone through hard times and look at you now!! If you are still there and a boat available to take you where you need to go. Play weird fishes by radio head…. trust me…… perfect… I don’t respond really but I felt I wanted to say simply and may be stating the obvious that it is what it is simple. And there is much beauty in simp. Yes, licity. @bradpittoffcial @misslivalittle” A creepy Steven Tyler dressing room photo with this actor was recently revealed.

Non-celebrities responded in kind too. sheilaking678 responded with: “It’s spiritual to see this peaceful calm moment in a world that is full of turmoil and strife. Because this is a new world and we don’t need to fake Hollywood anymore!”

intothevoidpod came into the conversation with: “Great to see that you big Hollywood stars are just the rest of us sometimes:)” Lenny Kravitz recently made a horrible Steven Tyler revelation.