Howard Stern Makes Disgusting Kurt Cobain Revelation


Kurt Cobain is still a major topic in the news even 25 years after his death. On Howard Stern’s show recently, he was criticized by callers for criticizing Kurt Cobain, as he said he didn’t believe he was responsible for launching the Grunge movement. Kurt Cobain’s widow revealed an alleged pedophile secret a couple of days ago. also recapped: Howard said they had that Kurt Cobain sweater sold for like $350,000. He said it was the one he wore on that Unplugged show he did. He said it went for almost 400,000. Howard did more of his impression of the caller who dragged out his story.

Howard took a call from a woman who said it’s enough picking up the callers who want to bash him for bashing Trump. She said that he’s just commenting on something Trump did. She had some nice words for Howard’s show too.

Howard said the Kurt Cobain sweater sold for $334,000. He said he almost fell off his chair when he heard about that. Kurt Cobain’s widow being arrested was revealed a few days ago.

Howard wondered if he has anything that cool that would sell for that much. He said he must have something iconic. He said he would sell everything in that studio for that kind of money. He said they can have the chair Fred sits in for only $400,000. He said the Gary puppet is for sale for $17 million. He said he’s very famous so he should be able to get some money for this stuff. He said he should give the jacket he’s wearing to Robin so when he drops dead she can make some money. He said his Fartman costume sold for like $8,000. He said he doesn’t even know if he wore that thing.

Howard took a call from a guy who said it’s okay to disagree with people. He said these days everyone hates you. He said this guy attacked him for saying something about Trump. Robin said it wasn’t even political. Howard said the guy called in telling him he sucks and he’s not funny. He said this is what people say about him online. Shuli said they listen to every show though. Eddie Vedder recently broke his silence on Kurt Cobain.