Twin Peaks Star Reveals Why ‘Mind-Blowing’ Revival Has No Boundaries: ‘I Fought Tears’


Twin Peaks star Madchen Amick discussed filming the upcoming revival season in a new Screener interview.

“It was absolutely mind-blowing to go back. Really, to be honest, just mind-blowing hearing we were coming back,” she says. “I never thought we would… How could you ever do that again? My thinking was, It was hard enough to have ‘Twin Peaks’ on network television back when it was!”

Of course, returning on a premium cable network like Showtime helps. “[There are] no boundaries that David Lynch has to live within,” she says of the show’s new home. “They’ll embrace anything and everything, [wherever] he takes us.”

“Going back on set, getting back into Shelly’s waitress uniform, seeing my initials in the same uniform I wore 25 years ago, was so moving and touching. I fought tears the whole time I was filming, because it was an amazing experience back in the day,” she remembers.

“I was fresh to Hollywood — a 16-year-old girl from Reno, Nevada that had stars in her eyes. My first real experience was working with David Lynch.”

“It was a blessing — but it was also a curse, because he showed me a way that you can be creative, and that you can tell a story, at such a high level… And then I went from the ‘Twin Peaks’ experience into the real world — the big, bad world of show business — where you’re constantly hit with, ‘No, we can’t do that. Oh no, there’s no way. The audience won’t understand that…'”

The Twin Peaks promotional campaign has stepped up a gear in recent weeks with the Entertainment Weekly feature and videos, and with Showtime now releasing titles for parts 1-4 of the new show. The online pages Obnoxious and Anonymous and Twin Peaks Worldwide have been covering the latest news regularly and commenting on the media coverage.

Here are the new episode titles, which are being named ‘parts’ for each hour –

Part 1 – My log has a message for you

Part 2 – The stars turn and a time presents itself

Part 3 – Call for help

Part 4 – …Brings back some memories

All of the recent great videos from Obnoxious and Anonymous and TPWW are here for your viewing pleasure – thanks for watching!

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