Twin Peaks Wraps, Lynch and MacLachlan Head To Paris!


After much secrecy on-set and very little in terms of real news about the return to Twin Peaks, filming has just been announced as finished at 140 days of shooting. That’s a lot of footage! First off, the media has been reporting that the new volume of the show will be released as TWO separate seasons. More surprisingly, theatrical releases of the premieres and full runs of the seasons have been mentioned. This is not only happening again, its even bigger than 25 years ago! Unbelievable? Consider the facts –

David Lynch has returned to direct the whole new run of Twin Peaks, ten years after his last feature film, INLAND EMPIRE, which was a very abstract and strange work that many presumed would be his last. The tv landscape has changed so much in the last ten years or so that the zeitgeist is now clamouring for something which will change that landscape to the same degree that Lynch and Mark Frost did 25 years ago when ABC premiered the pilot of Twin Peaks.

In other news, the roster of names to be starring in this new show is both impressive and unique – we have known and loved actors like Amanda Seyfried, Laura Dern and Naomi Watts alongside favourites like Jim Belushi, Tom Sizemore and Robert Knepper. The addition of Robert Forster as a new law enforcer can only be a good thing, as much as people will really miss Michael Ontkean (Sheriff Truman).

Fan favourite Madchen Amick (Shelly Johnson) wrote as filming wrapped that there was ‘not a dry eye in the house’, indicating how much this has been a dream project and a great Lynch mob reunion. Not only with cast and crew, Lynch himself being a remarkably faithful director to his cast, but also in terms of the reunion of the magic combination of writer Mark Frost with Lynch.

Before any return to Twin Peaks was announced, Obnoxious and Anonymous was borne from the creative furnace of Facebook page ‘Bring Back Twin Peaks’ in 2013. Making videos and ‘Twin Peaks Thoughts of the Day’ ever since, the latest videos this week cover Kyle MacLachlan’s announcements to fans about the scares in this new installment, the return of Audrey Horne and much more. Obnoxious and Anonymous is planning much more in the Twin Peaks world and we hope you enjoy these videos – they’re damn good!