Billy Corgan Furious Over Donald Trump Assassination Threats


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan was interviewed on InfoWars by Alex Jones earlier this week, and he did a followup interview where he discussed his issues with Facebook and Twitter as well.

“As somebody who is in the world where I have to watch what I say, when you see a Facebook page that is literally ‘Assassinate Donald Trump.’ And I believe Facebook comes out and says, ‘That doesn’t violate our standards and practices.’ Okay, that is where somebody like myself has to ask, ‘Is my participation in the Facebook system, am I actually encouraging something that as an American I find offensive?’

I also find it offensive that a business would support – I would have no problem with a page that says Donald Trump is a racist, Donald Trump is a homophobe, because that is just an opinion. The minute you talk about killing someone, that’s where you need to step in as a business and say, ‘I will not support that.'”

Corgan is a Libertarian. Watch both of Corgan’s great InfoWars interviews below, where he rips social justice warriors and modern internet culture.–mY