Pearl Jam ‘Last Show’ With Soundgarden Is Coming


Pearl Jam performed several times at the Bridge School Benefit for Neil Young, including their last show with Soundgarden that featured the last Temple of the Dog set to have both Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell. Below is a message from the Neil Young Archives website announcing every Bridge School Benefit show will be released.

This is Neil.

I’m writing to you to tell you about the many new additions (in case you didn’t notice) we’ve introduced this month to NYA.

We have two additional tiers of membership, Rust and Patron, in addition to the current tier that we now call Classic in honor of all you classics out there.

NYA’s Classic tier will continue to provide all of your benefits plus a few extras. The cost remains the same. ($19.99/yr). If that’s what you want, you need to do nothing. Alright!

Rust ($39.99/yr) will give you access two big new features, Timeline Concerts and Movietone Video on Demand.

Timeline Concerts are audio recordings of my live concerts throughout my years of touring. ( Listen to me sing out of tune, just like that time you were there! ) Members will be able to submit and read others’ memories and stories of the concerts they attended in the concert notes. We are beginning with several concerts and will be adding new ones – your requests! – if we have them!

Classic members ( you really are a bunch of classics! ) will be able to hear a new “Timeline Concert of the Week” and read the memories of other members who saw that concert. New timeline concerts of the week will be added regularly ( not weekly ).

Movietone Video on Demand provides anytime access to our movies, long and short videos. You’ll be able to watch all the content we have put up there – whenever you want and as many times as you want.

The Hearse Theater will continue to present our curated offerings for all members as it now does.

Finally, our new Patron Tier ($99.99/yr) provides the same benefits as Rust, ( Rust can be a benefit! ) but allows members to do more to support our effort. In appreciation, we will always try to give our Patrons priority when we can. ( As time goes by, you may hear about things patrons experienced, but we make no promises and are avoiding a schedule at all costs ).

Bridge School Concerts – We bring you the original Bridge School Concerts for a $9.99 donation per concert. Proceeds all go to the Bridge School and are available for anyone – subscriber or not. Tell your friends. Every show we have is coming. We just started with #1 Bruce, Nils, Tom Petty, CSNY.

Those who choose to upgrade have your unused membership payment automatically applied.

App users – many of the new features will only be available from the website at first. Dang. Over time, features will be added to the App. For our app users, next up will be Playlists!

Like you, we are unique – one of a kind among musicians’ sites.

While we’ve all been going through this year together, I hope you’ve found NYA to be a helpful and big enjoyment. We look forward to a future full with the release of many new albums.
Be well