U2 Guitarist Reveals Truth About AC/DC


For many years fans of the band U2 have speculated about guitarist Edge releasing his own album. There is no denying that the U2 band member has defined a highly unique presentation of the instrument for decades, and he might be remiss if he were not to finally encapsulate his definitive sound for fans to enjoy near and far.

As per Ultimate Guitar, U2 guitarist Edge hinted that frontman Bono’s wishes of releasing a “big fuck-off rock” album might come true in the very near future. However, Edge added how his band won’t be “turning into AC/DC”.

The electric guitar started slowly creeping back into the mainstream musical space around the same time that the pandemic hit, but the trend only seems to be getting bigger several years down the line – and Bono hasn’t been sleeping on it.

In an interview with The New York Times Bono recalled having “that conversation” with Edge: “I spoke to Edge about it this week. He’s going, ‘Is it that call again?’ ‘What call?’ ‘The one about we’re going to write the big fuck-off rock song?’ And I say, ‘Yeah, it’s our job!'”

Now, in a new interview with Rolling Stone: Asked to clarify Bono’s previous statements about recording a “noisy, uncompromising, unreasonable guitar album” and how fans should interpret it, Edge said:

“Personally, I feel like the guitar as an instrument … not in terms of being loved and played by so many musicians around the world, both professional and amateur, but in terms of its presence in the streaming music charts, it’s been in the wilderness for a little while.

“I feel myself that there’s a resurgence of interest in guitar. I sort of feel it instinctually. It’s starting to percolate up.

“I feel the timing is right. I think it would be wonderful and very welcome for us to make some music that is more driven by guitar. That is the intention. That isn’t to say we are turning into AC/DC, but we will find a way to use the instrument in a fresh way as much as possible. It’s still my first love for me as an instrument.”