U2 Singer Looks Miserable In Elevator Photo


When it comes to Bono, he is known to have had a great life. He truly has done it all. This means, that by all intents and purposes, the mega-star should be happier than can be. That doesn’t seem to be the case in this instance. Actually, he looks down right sad and miserable.

In a funny picture posted to the official U2 Instagram page, Bono looks to be channeling his inner Smooth Criminal era Michael Jackson as he is leaning forward in an odd way while not looking at the camera. It’s a pretty weird photo because he’s just not making any effort to look at the camera. He’s really just kind of there existing.

In the photo is a special guest that looks much happier than Bono. Check out the full photo below.

Many have been wondering; will there be any new music coming from U2? Well, as of now, it’s up in the air. The band are not, by any means, on the outs with one another, but it seems like they more-so want to focus on shows and their hits. How much more can they truly do?

It seems like a good move to leave the hits as the hits and to move forward on those songs rather than trying to re-create a fire that has already burned and captured tons of fans. Regardless, U2 are still much in the game still and making their presence known every time that they take the stage.