U2 Did Something Beautiful For Chris Cornell’s Daughter


At Bonnaroo over the weekend, Bono made a special dedication to Chris Cornell’s daughter before U2 performed “One Tree Hill.”

“This next song is about a friend of ours that was stolen away from us far too soon, way back then,” Bono said. “And I’m sure a lot of people here at Bonnaroo have had a similar experience. Tonight, we want to sing it for Lily Cornell. Her dad had an epic heart.”

During “Pride” — a song about Martin Luther King, Jr. — he told the audience, “”Some people may think (his) dream is dead, but not at Bonnaroo tonight…but maybe the dream is just telling us to wake up.”

Bono dedicated the evening to “The rolling hills of Tennessee” during an encore with “One” and “Beautiful Day.”

Bono also made a joke about Bonnaroo.

“What an extraordinary thing Bonnaroo is,” he said. “Thank you for naming it after me.”

Bono dedicated U2’s performance of “Running To Stand Still” to Chris Cornell and his family at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles last month.

Bono said, “For the lion that was, Chris Cornell…”

U2 also had Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” playing right before they came on stage, with the nearly 100,000 in attendance light up their phones. Watch Bono’s dedication and video of “Black Hole Sun” below.