Van Halen Brutal Money Feud Allegedly Revealed


SiriusXM host Eddie Trunk recently discussed Sammy Hagar and Van Halen’s feud over the years and what he truly believes the feud boils down to at the end of the day and if ever will be resolved. Alternative Nation transcribed Trunk’s comments.

Trunk: So I think that it’s not just the book. I think that it’s also, I think, and from what I heard it still relates to a lot of business stuff revolving around the whole Cobo Wabo deal which Sammy [Hagar] wrote about in his book. You know, Sammy’s very smart and a very shrewd businessman. They probably felt there were some business things weren’t done right, whatever the thing may be. Maybe they felt he tried and pulled something. My experience in this business is that 97% of the time there are major, ongoing grievances, falling outs, from one side or the other about anything. If you trace the lines as far back as you can and if you get to the root, it somehow is about money. That has proven to be the case in my experience countless times when you see grievances with bands. Ego, control, politics, control, ownership, all of that but if you trace those roots all the way back, that inevitably leads back to back to money as well. After all, it is the music business. 

Trunk continues:

Trunk: I also think there’s probably that Sammy himself doesn’t really understand. Sammy might not even understand why it’s so bad and might not understand what’s in their head. If somebody doesn’t communicate back with you, you don’t know to be able to correct it and help fix it.