Ozzy Osbourne Relative Reveals Who Almost Killed Him


Ozzy Osbourne’s son Jack discussed being attacked by a homeless man on April 4th at a coffee shop in Studio City in a new Jim and Sam Show interview on SiriusXM. He said if the attacker had stabbed him with the screwdriver he had, he would have been killed.

“I was drinking a coffee. It was nine in the morning. And I was just chatting with a friend, and, all of a sudden, a fist appeared in my face… I threw my coffee and swung a chair at him. He rattled off something, like, ‘F— you, M.F.ers’ and all that. I was, like, ‘All right.’ And then a cop came. By that point, a 35-minute response time, which is reasonable… If he had stabbed me in the neck, I definitely would have been dead. And so, he had gone to another coffee shop.

And by that point, I’d gotten in my car. I was, like, ‘F—! I’m gonna get this guy.’ And when the cop approached him, he took off running. And the cop comes jogging past me. He’s, like, ‘Do you want us to arrest him?’ And I’m, like, ‘What? Yes!’ He then tried to stab a cop with a screwdriver. And at that point, about 400 police magically appeared in about three seconds. So I’m, like, ‘Oh, they can get places quickly.’ And then they tasered him, and he’s in jail.”

Asked if the attacker was homeless, Jack said: “In this day and age, you can’t make assumptions, but he appeared to be. He was pushing around a lime scooter with lots of bags on it. His aroma led me to believe he hadn’t showered in a while.”

The attacker was “not in a hurry” to leave the crime scene.

“The funny thing was… ‘Cause I was waiting in my car in front of the other [coffee shop], just kind of laying back, looking, He was, like, just chilling,” Jack said. “Like, no big deal. Like, eating a muffin. Someone handed him a muffin.”