Van Halen Icon Awful Photo After Firing Revealed


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar has shared a never before seen photo of himself shortly after his 1996 firing from the band after the recording of “Humans Being” for the ‘Twister’ soundtrack. Hagar said he had a ‘bad outfit’ in the picture. A Van Halen member being booed for a disgusting performance was revealed yesterday.

Hagar wrote, “Someone sent me this picture and said is this you?Unfortunately it is. #badpicture #1996 #badoutfit #beachbuggy #cabosanlucas #cabowabo #flashbackfriday.”

turnkey1220 said, “Don’t think it’s you, nose, mouth & chin look different?” Hagar responded, “I’m telling you.” Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum commented, “You let me borrow that buggy a few times, cool ride. Don’t worry Sammy, the 90’s was a weird time for fashion.” bmh5150 wrote, “That was an awesome show. I stayed up all night to listen to the radio broadcast. First time we heard the Wabos live. I still have the recording!”

guitarras5150 said, “Right @ the Cabo Wabo!! Hey Sammy, I went in 1997 one night, doing absolutely nothing wrong. It was pretty packed, but got told I had to leave. I refused @ first, but eventually walked out & stood right out the entry. They called the cops, got hauled off by a small Toyota white pick up. Federales of course. Went to jail for a night. Bailed out the next day. My buddies & I went for breakfast, & they STILL didn’t like I went in for breakfast. Same guys, workers.” He added, “I still enjoyed the Cabo Wabo, but funny that I went to jail fot it! 😁🎸” A Van Halen legend brutally knocking out his bandmate was detailed earlier this week.