Van Halen Icon Booed For Disgusting Performance


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar discussed being booed when opening for KISS at a disgusting show in the new book No Encore by Drew Fortune. A Van Halen icon recently revealed how he knocked out a bandmate cold. Hagar’s The Circle bandmate Michael Anthony has been rumored to return for a Van Halen reunion tour.

“’Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Sammy Hagar!’ The place immediately starts f**king booing. I was still green from Montrose, and I didn’t feel like I was anywhere near famous, so I just tried kicking as much ass as I could. During the third song, which was a Donovan-balled cover called Catch The Wind, people started flipping me off and really losing their shit. I was looking out at the crowd, and I stopped the song. I yelled, ‘You f**king assholes! You didn’t even give me a chance. You started booing me before hearing the music. F**k you!’

Everybody in the audience was dressed up like KISS. As far as I could see, they had all the makeup on too. Since it was New York, I said, ‘I see they’ve flown in an audience from Los Angeles for this show.’ That really pissed them off, and they started throw- ing cups at me. I pulled down my pants, dropped my drawers, and pulled out my dick. I shook it at the crowd, then smashed my 1961 Stratocaster to pieces, and walked offstage.”

A Van Halen legend recently showed off his gut in a shirtless photo. You can read the full excerpt at Louder Sound. Little Dreamer has posted a rare Sammy Hagar interview on They wrote, “OK, so some of you have been asking for YEARS for a Sam interview where he’s positive about Eddie Van Halen and doesn’t complain, etc, etc.

That interview does exist, I’ve found it, it’s from 2014, for some Utah station. Sam goes into the songwriting process with Ed in more details than I’ve ever heard. It’s maybe the most music-oriented interview Sam has ever given. I think everyone will enjoy it.”

Snowdog added, “That’s cool, I’ll watch the whole thing when I get home, surprised I haven’t seen it before but it looks unfamiliar to me. Having said that, (and already regretting that I’m going to say this), I don’t accept the assumption that Sammy is always bashing Eddie or the band, he’s usually positive. Even though I know some people don’t see it that way. Even his book is commonly referred to as ‘that book where he attacked Ed’ when virtually all but one chapter is extremely positive about all things related to VH.

But even if he does a long interview where he’s either mostly positive or doesn’t refer to VH the pull quote will still be something like “Hagar attacks Eddie!” . I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard him say he regrets that they can’t still be friends, and say that being in VH was the pinnacle of his career, and praising Eddie as a musician, etc. It’s certainly 1000 times more than has happened in reverse. Hell, there are a bunch of examples where people still in the same band together attack each other more than he does.” Eddie Van Halen losing out on a big money deal with Hagar was revealed last month.