Michael Anthony Reveals Emotional Eddie Van Halen Video


Michael Anthony revealed the home that he met Eddie Van Halen and his other former bandmates in an emotional new Instagram video. A Van Halen icon responded yesterday to claims that he was going bald.

Anthony wrote, “Was in the area and got the urge to drive by the house I lived in with my family for many years. Met Ed, Al, and Dave and joined VH when I lived here!! #oldneighborhood #memories #startedplayingmusichere #arcadiacalif #lovethebeach!!”

Sammy Hagar commented, “Oh man that’s The best. We got to reflect once in while my brother.”

Eddie Van Halen rejecting what ended up being a big money deal was revealed last week. Anthony has been rumored to return to Van Halen for a reunion tour, he even recently stated that this month’s touring break with Sammy Hagar and the Circle specifically what set up to facilitate his involvement in a potential Van Halen tour. Anthony received a phone call from Van Halen manager Irvine Azoff last year about a tour, and another call in January from one of David Lee Roth’s managers.

Sadly, a tour never came to be, but Roth did recently reveal that he was set to meet with the Van Halen brothers. Anthony is set to resume touring soon with Sammy Hagar and the Circle into the fall, while there have been rumors from Eddie Trunk that Van Halen will finally tour in 2020 after shelving their 2019 plans. Van Halen have not played live since their 2015 North American tour. A Van Halen icon recently took a surprising shot at KISS.