Van Halen Icon Confirms Horrible Cancer Diagnosis


Eddie Van Halen is rumored to be battling throat cancer again, and eerily enough, Sammy Hagar blamed the split of the ‘Van Hagar’ lineup on another tragedy in a new Classic Rock Magazine interview. Van Halen’s manager Ed Leffler died from throat and lung cancer in October 1993 at the age of 57. An Eddie Van Halen bandmate revealed when he thinks he will die a couple of days ago.

“The good was a million times better than the bad. The bad was such a short, one-year thing that when it went bad, it was just, like, [baffled]: ‘What just happened?’ What did happen? Well, our manager, Ed Leffler, God rest his soul, died. And the music started suffering because we were arguing.

It was like: ‘F***, this is way too hard.’ I told my wife: ‘I want out of this band, but I can’t quit because I love it too much, it’s too important.’ And I hung on until they threw me out.”

Michael Anthony dropped a Van Halen breakup bombshell yesterday. Van Halen and Sammy Hagar split in 1996 after recording “Humans Being” for the Twister soundtrack.

Dave’s Dreidel posted on about the video for the song, “The spacing of them on the stage and the limited interaction in the video, with lightning going off in the background, the symbolism for where the band was internally at that point, while probably unintentional by the director at the time, looks like fucking Nostradamus with what we know now.”

Howard Stern called out an Eddie Van Halen lie last week. Chain responded, “Humans Beings is one of the finest ‘Van Hagar’ tunes in my humble opinion…..I love the crunchy chords he’s playing right at the beginning and solo is damn sweet too….Especially the way it slows down and then builds back up. And the Ed vocal treatment where he’s singing ‘Humans Being’ near the end is kind of haunting and aggressive at the same time….Just a great tune all around.”

You can read the full Sammy Hagar interview at Louder Sound.