Paul McCartney Reveals What He Does In Bed With Wife


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney recently gave an interview with his official website, Here, the man that they call ‘Macca’ discussed briefly, one of his favorite activities to do with his wife – curling up in bed and watching the ‘telly’! Paul McCartney was knocked out by this A-list star in revealed photo.

Paul McCartney’s daughter was recently filmed ‘dating’ Drew Barrymore. In fact, McCartney revealed quite a bit about his television watching habits, including what shows he watches lately with his wife. Here is a hint, it is sadly, nothing anything too current. As the reporters over at asked favorite series is as of late and if he had any recommendations of things to watch? To which McCartney responded:

I’ll tell you what. I never really have that much time, because I do stuff. You know, I’m either touring, rehearsing and, at the moment, writing a musical. So, that is my excuse for the fact there are millions of series that I haven’t caught up on. Nancy [Shevell] has seen them all, she’s so ahead of it. It’s ridiculous, I’ve only just finished ‘The Sopranos’, which I feel like everyone saw 10 years ago. Now, I’m watching ‘Boardwalk Empire’. Martin Scorsese directed the first episode, so it’s very good. But again, it’s something people watched years ago, but it’s very good so that’s my current thing. I’ve been watching Veep as well, which I loved.”

In other news regarding The Beatles and Paul McCartney, Reddit user TheReal5thBeatle described how he believed record producer Phil Spector overdid The Beatles’ 1970 track ‘The Long and Winding Road’, released off of their ‘Let It Be’ album. Pink Floyd revealed this Paul McCartney money ripoff not too long ago.

The user stated:“Ever since I heard The Long and Winding Road I felt that Phil Spector overdid the whole song. I just listened to the Let It Be… Naked version and I was blown away by how simple and beautiful it was. Phil Spector’s arrangement completely overshadowed Paul’s lyrics, vocal and piano. The choir was so painfully unnecessary and took away from the vocals. Why is Phil Spector so obsessed with choirs?! You can even hear choir in his version of Across the Universe, which, like The Long and Winding Road, was much better in the Naked version (however I do like the sound of Lennon’s vocals in both Naked and normal). Overall I feel like Phil shouldn’t have been asked to ‘salvage’ Let it Be as he just didn’t Understand the ‘Beatle Sound’. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that he ruined The Long and Winding Road but he certainly overdid it and the album version could have been much better.”