Keith Richards Caught Sleeping With The Rolling Stones Icon


The Rolling Stones have uploaded a photo of the band with Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood sleeping together, with Mick Jagger seemingly annoyed that his bandmates are taking a nap during a photoshoot as they sit on a couch together. Jagger’s son Lucas commented, “Mood.” Keith Richards’ daughter revealed what Prince did to her yesterday.

The Rolling Stones are currently on a break after their 2019 North American ‘No Filter’ tour, but their longest touring hiatus came from 1982 to 1989.

JordyLicks96 posted, “Did you feel like the ’89 tour was the end for the Stones? Like they had this ‘reunion’ of sorts but after it was all said and done, they’d retire?”

AC/DC’s Angus Young ripping Keith Richards was just revealed. Jah Paul responded, “Sorry to jump in…Hairball and I are about the same age, so I can provide a frame of reference for back then. From what I recall, there was never any talk of the reunion being a one-time proposition…and if memory serves me (for what it’s worth some thirty years later), I think they announced after the end of the Urban Jungle tour in ’90 that they would in fact be back at some point. ‘Flashpoint’ came out in April ’91, along with the Highwire single, so I always felt the band was an ongoing concern at that time and would eventually return for another studio album and tour.

I must say, though, because I missed seeing them in ’81, it was a long wait until ’89, which would be the first time I would see them in concert. With no Internet back then, my friends and I initially expected an ‘Undercover’ tour in ’84, and perhaps a ‘Dirty Work’ tour in ’86…we didn’t really know what was going on with the band, and picked up our news from Rolling Stone magazine articles and the like. When Mick did his solo thing in ’88 (Keith too), I kind of felt that might be it, but in the back of my mind knew they would be leaving too much on the table ($$ and otherwise) to not come back…then came 1989.” Keith Richards having a death scare on a plane was recently detailed.