Van Halen Icon Embarrassing Haircut Photo Leaks


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar has shared a photo of himself having some sort of haircut or coloring at a beauty saloon. Fans poked fun at Hagar in the comments, and he had some fun with it playing alone. Hagar first wrote, “Oh the price of beauty. How do the ladies do it. #beauty #hair #blondeshavemorefun.” Eddie Van Halen’s wife recently responded to a fan mentioning why he is rejecting a reunion tour, which is rumored to feature Michael Anthony.

superview69 commented, “Was it a bad hair day lol. Rock on!” Hagar responded, “Yes it was 😂.”

jabberjawjabs commented, “Wish I could party with and the Circle, just for one day. So if you could see it in your heart send me the directions. If I have to walk I will. Luv ya Sammy ❤️” The Red Rocker posted in response, “😘”

spiveyroxanne said, “Now we know the truth 😝” Hagar wrote back, “Come on now you always did 😂”

richardzanoff said to him, “@sammyhagar keep doing it Sammy, if your looking good it makes your fans think they’re looking good and maybe time is standing still…”

drockahawlic chimed in, “Sammy, I’m pulling your ManCard.” Hagar responded, “@drockahawlic I know I get it 😂.”

rjryan1 told Sammy, “My first concert was VOA. I was so far in the nose bleeds all I could see was red guitar, jumpsuit, and that hair shaking. It was awesome. WE put my parents thru hell. I can still hear my mom say, ‘that damn Sammy Hagar.'” Hagar shot back, “Love to your mom.” David Lee Roth recently revealed a bad phone call he had with Eddie Van Halen.