Van Halen Icon Looking Awful After Surgery Revealed


Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth discussed his nose looking ‘swelled’ after surgery on a recent episode of The Roth Show. Roth also recently told a hilarious story about an embarrassing motorcycle accident.

“Folks like us, ‘show folks’, we come at hospital with sometimes special requirements and/or unique injuries just like a racehorse jack or somebody who flies for a living. I’m sure people who work on the railroads have their own specific kind of circus folks, have their own kinds of injuries and I go racing to the hospital and every specialist is there where it is see, because I got a lot of people depending on me.

It’s not a question of ‘how do I look’. In fact the more beat up I look, we call that character we call that personality you saw. My dog Russ my favorite dog is the one with a piece of the ear missing in the gung-ho attitude reminds me of my favorite genes are not perfect. We check in and they’re gonna put some stitches in the nose and they pack it up whatever. And walking around in 1979, you know those yellow plugs that you put in your ears when you’re drilling something or maybe you go shooting and you have those little yellow plugs.

In 1979 somebody with a Tarzan haircut, and two of those plugs in his nose for three weeks just meant that you finally had to go to Beverly Hills and you know get some things fixed if you walked into Cantor’s delicatessen with two plugs sticking out of your nose they just figured you either got a card from the judge or your doctor get f**kin well now.

Okay man, I’m fine you know it’s a little pet but it hasn’t really affected my voice cut you I walk out of the hospital. And they’ve got stabilizing tape that reaches just like so all the way across. The top of the bridge of my nose and nobody saw me walking out of the hospital but it had long big pieces of stabilizing tape and I don’t know these kids are the way my head is shaped or something certain parts swelled and it looked kind of cool I had a great big bandage you know that was coming like so and it what kind of American Indian sure to Comanche.”

MetalheadZone transcribed Roth’s comments. Roth had a similar nose incident on Jimmy Kimmel Live a few years ago, which you can see below.